Monoprints and other work

Devon Open Studios 2018

        Monoprints for Devon Open Studios – starting Saturday 8th September. I am open Thursday, Friday and the weekends through until September 23rd. For more information email or call 07857 036433

Other images

Here are three pieces of the new work. One starting point was an image by Cy Twombly which led to the red vegetation/plant like piece. I’ve become interested in the juxtaposition of something organic with a non organic geometric shape – the representation of a 3D object in 2D and how this confounds the image […]

Continuation of new work

I have now made 6 or 7 new prints on Somerset paper using a technique that uses 1mm pvc sheeting. I am cutting the plastic into shapes to describe the design. Pieces have drypoint or carborundum added and are then inked relief or intaglio or both. The jigsaw is then reassembled on the press and […]

A series of exhibitions coming up over the summer and a chance to see some new work from me. Four new unframed prints can be seen at Double Elephant Print Workshop on 19th and 20th May as part of   Arts Week Exeter  – 13th to 21st May plus a framed piece at an AWE  pop […]

Devon Open Studios

Hanging work for the start of DOS this morning. Managed to only drop one framed piece whilst hanging them on this large feature wall. Twenty framed prints to see in the house and lots more in the studio. I am open September 10th, 11th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th – that’s […]

Print Solo

I have today placed my work on the great new Print Solo web site – a new selling venture just for printmakers.

Store Street Gallery

Time passages prints currently on display at Store Street Gallery. See

Two new monoprints

Two new monoprints – 90cm x 64cm and both bleed prints exploring ideas about a confused interior mind. Thinking about an internal landscape of the mind as a reflection upon dementia and psychology.      I’m not so concerned about creating a literal landscape or the illusion of space but more a sense of confusion of […]

New work and Texas

I’ve been invited to work at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas for a month in June. Incredible as this sounds – it’s true and is a connection that has grown out of a visit to Austin in 2013  when I met with students and staff at the University of Texas faculty of arts and […]