Here in Austin

Day one of my work here in Austin and a morning at Hope Lutheran Church for an inroduction to printmaking with adults experiencing early memory loss. Their day starts with physical exercises, memory games, current affairs and then we did an art input. Afterwards they went on to lunch folowed by a discussion about the […]

Flying on Sunday

Here are some more new prints. I’ve made them in preparation for my time at Flatbed Press http://www.flatbedpress.com/  I’ll be there in Austin Texas, co publishing a new edition of colour etchings in the month ahead. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to pre-empt the experience with work made in the UK. I’m […]

Two new monoprints

Two new monoprints – 90cm x 64cm and both bleed prints exploring ideas about a confused interior mind. Thinking about an internal landscape of the mind as a reflection upon dementia and psychology.      I’m not so concerned about creating a literal landscape or the illusion of space but more a sense of confusion of […]

New work and Texas

I’ve been invited to work at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas for a month in June. http://www.flatbedpress.com/ Incredible as this sounds – it’s true and is a connection that has grown out of a visit to Austin in 2013  when I met with students and staff at the University of Texas faculty of arts and […]

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