Latest Litho

Examples from the most recent kitchen litho day course at Double Elephant. I always forget between courses, just how tricky it can be to get it to work. Some early disasters followed by some decent results.   

Bunting and Banners

To Sandford Primary School making bunting and banners for their Strawberry Fair. Working over the day with two mixed classes of Reception, Year one and Year two aged children, divided into 3 groups we screen printed banners and collograph printed bunting plus one group printed onto paper with tubular stamps. A very hectic day with […]

Exhibition Ready

Texas prints are now all home, framed and ready for a show at Exeter’s Brook Gallery. Starts 2pm on 18th July

Monoprinting now

Proofing the etched plate all completed, now to make a variable edition monotyping under the key plate. The plate looks very sombre when printed in black, so today I tried burnt sienna – much more successful and tomorow I’ll try a blue. Monoprinting is tricky with the registration but it realy lifts the plate with […]

Etching today

Fantastically excited to be starting an etching plate today – 18inches square and working with Katherine and Alfonso. We cut, bevelled, polished and degreased and prepared the plate before the weekend and I had time to plan out a design ready for this morning. First thing, Katherine applied a soft ground and we pressed into […]

Three more in progress…

So great to be able to have this space to really focus on making. At home all my own work gets squeezed between teaching and everything else I do – so hard to get continuity.

Now for something completely different

Because I’m not using a direct relief press, I’ve had to rethink everything. Working with Alfonso today we had a few false starts. I’ve had to learn to use skill to achieve the results I want as opposed to my usual chance and random acts. Starting on the electric press, I’d laid down too much […]


Tracy and Cordelia : Master Printers here at Flatbed have been starting to edition these prints by Frank X Tolbert 2. The Texas Bird Suite is a set of  8 birds and shown here is the Chicken Hawk. Each is 22 x 30 inches on Rives BFK paper. In an edition of 24, they are […]

Heritage Park Nursing Centre

To Heritage Park Nursing Center this morning to print using silicone “gelli plates”. Located at 2806 Real Street in Austin, Heritage Park is home to 180 – 200 people. It is a private but State provided facility funded by Social Security and people will come here post acute –  if unable to live independantly […]

Printing Day One

Day one of printing today – and ably assisted by Pecos : intern at Flatbed. Using styrene as the vehicle to hold the ink, I’m able to cut it up with a knife into shapes which are then inked and printed on a large electric press. I see it as an intaglio press however Tracy […]

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