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  1. Installation of finished work

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    Finally, after a long blog absence, the finished work for Eliot and Fielding wards at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital. This coincides with an exhibition of the ‘Forget Everything’ prints which come from Franklyn Hospital – see earlier posts. The new work for the hospital is on the theme of Butterflies and Moths making an oblique reference to a poem by Eliot : “If time and space as sages say are things which cannot be…” They will hang in the corridor approach to the wards and also in a new quiet room.


    7 april 2

  2. Caterpillars

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    Started on the background images for the framed work at Musgrove Park…looks a bit rough but the essence in this is layers – these caterpillar and butterfly drawings will make a coloured backdrop in the frames over which will lie all sorts of references and images of moths and butterflies. To be continued…

    20 january

  3. Musgrove Park

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    To Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton for a new project making work with patients and also for the walls in Eliot and Fielding Wards. It’s an “Art for Life” project – and links up with an exhibition of my Franklyn Hospital prints from March 20th.

    17 january 1

    I will be working with mostly elderly patients and then prints for the corridor and a new quiet room off the ward. Yesterday we printed leaves – here are some examples…

    17 january 2

  4. Green Hill

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    Green Hill Gallery, Moretonhampstead opening last night – thank you to everyone who came out on that dark and windy night. Fantastic turnout – great exhibition continues until 19th December.

    9 november

  5. Exeter Phoenix

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    Coming to the Walkway Gallery at Exeter Phoenix an abridged version of the Franklyn Hospital Exhibition. The show opens on Tuesday 15th October and runs until 16th November.

    10 october

  6. Exhibition Schedule

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    The Derriford exhibition of work produced during the Franklyn Residency has been extended until 17th September and it won’t be going to Derriford Hospital until next year – bit of a mix up there.

    Here is everything else :

    Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, Exeter.  2nd July – 17th September

    Redearth Gallery, Bickleigh. 9th – 31st August

    Quartz Festival, Taunton. 26th September – 5th October

    Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre. 14th October – 16th November

    Greenhill Gallery, Moretonhampstead. 8th Nov – 19th December

    Ariel Centre Gallery, Totnes. 14th February – 15th March

    Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. 20th March – 20th May

  7. Green Hill Preview

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    Five new prints for the up coming Moretonhampstead show at Greenhill Gallery. Exhibition opens on 9th November and runs until 18th December. It is a show in response to the landscape and environment around Moreton and feature my work together with stone works from Steve Thorpe, sound works by Martin Prothero. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue essay by Katy Macleod.

    These prints – whilst being an initial response to cloudscapes around dartmoor (see blog post 21 August) are becoming more linked to the land and in particular Blackenstone Rock.

    10 october 2.19 110 october 2.19 210 october 2.19 310 october 2.19 410 october 2.19 5

  8. Cloudscapes and Cuba

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    Three new prints – possibly for the Greenhill Gallery show in Moretonhampstead 8th November to 19th December:-

    21 august 121 august 2august 21 3

    This show is a joint exhibition with Steve Thorpe, Martin Prothero, Katy MacLeod and curated by Andrea Foxwell. Andrea has asked us to draw influences rom the Moretonhampstead area. After several visits and walks, I’m drawn to the skyscape – the clouds. The resulting prints have been a struggle for me – clouds and the sky are a hard subject. I looked at Constable’s Hampstead Heath skies and decided I couldn’t make something literal. I want to make a reference but really abstract away from the direct subject…though of course colour is problematic and these seem too muddy to me.

    I feel on much firmer ground with a new piece that is going to a show at the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana, Cuba (see previous blog post: 15 January 2013). Double Elephant, with Gloucester Print Co operative and Spike Print Studio are sending 21 prints out for a show in November.

    21 august 4

    This piece, entitled ‘Terminus’ is easier for me – especially colour-wise. Similar to the clouds though, in that it references real objects. Perhaps a sign of things to come.