Bryony Gillard & Clare Thornton

Clare and Bryony have been into the Double Elephant workshop today developing ideas within the Redefining Print project.

Bryony has been screen printing onto a range of fine fabrics including silk. Printing a variety of texts and also experimenting with overlaying images. All went well and she is now equipped to return to Bristol and paint onto the fabric.


I am really interested to see how her work progresses – she has been exploring anthroposophy, the work of Rudolph Steiner, eurythmy and the colour theories of Goethe. Fantastic if she manages to wrap all of this into her work – it truly will be a redefinition of print

Clare is working in ‘photo etching’ – using photec or imagon film to make irregular shaped plates printing onto folded paper. Clare’s current enquiry around Redefining Print  concerns folds, and the sculptural/spatial possibilities of the materials she is working with. Interests lie in drapery and the play of what is hidden and what is revealed through collage, layering and folded sculptural forms – the crisp pleats or drooping curves of paper and cloth – which will inform the edition and the later installation pieces during the exhibition further on in the project.

Clare 1    clare 2

Look closely and you can see how the paper has been printed while folded and now flattened out.