20/20 Print Exchange

Exhibition of new 20/20 prints

This year’s 20:20 print exchange attracted 581 artists from 42 print workshops who created 14,525 prints. The concept is a simple one: Print workshops are asked to get 10, 20 or more artists, (in multiples of 10 or 5 for smaller workshops). All artists produce an edition of 25 prints each 20cm x 20cm, (paper […]

New 20/20 box set

Fantastic to receive my 2014 set of prints from the Hot Bed Press print exchange.  Some superb images this year. Participating this time are 581 artists from 42 workshops generating a massive 14,525 prints. Thanks so much to the team who manage this mammoth task of collating all the work. This is my 4th set […]

James Bond 007

A new kitchen litho   http://www.atelier-kitchen-print.org print for The Hot Bed Press 20/20 print exchange http://www.hotbedpress.org/exhibitions/2020-print-exchange/ It’s a lithograph made using tin foil and coca cola with the red added as chine colle.  It’s 20 cm by 20cm in an edition of 25        Double Elephant have 10 other artists contributing to the exchange and this […]

20/20 – 2013

A new print for the 20:20 print exchange organised by Hotbed Press in Salford http://www.hotbedpress.org/. It’s kitchen litho http://www.art-emilion.fr  for the black with screenprint for the colours and foil.