Drypoint/Relief derived from drawings

These new prints are drypoints made with plastic sheet deeply scratched and with tile cement added. They are cut in to pieces jigsaw style and then inked, reassembled and printed in one go. Some parts are intaglio, some relief, some both. I think they do relate to the drawing in that objects are emerging…though not […]

Drawings and other new ventures

I notice that in June 2020 I wrote about ‘new work on coming out of lockdown’….well now it is February 2022 and we are mostly still wearing masks but are hopefully through the worst of it. I have started a course “Press Play” at Spike Island Printmakers with tutor Emma Gregory. I recommend it to […]

Jazz of Printmaking

I have been commissioned by Daisi – https://daisi.org.uk/ to make a short film about my practice for Primary school children to inspire them about artists. Whilst filming I realised how improvisational my work is – and I always say I don’t know what I am doing or where I am going with each print. A […]

Covid 19 Lockdown

This is my first new piece coming out of lockdown. I have been surprised by what an unproductive time this has been for my own practice. This is also the first new blog post for 12 months which shows that my attention has been elsewhere. Concentrating mostly on participatory work with Double Elephant Print Workshop […]

Moroccan influences

Six months in Essaouira, Morocco may have heightened my sense of colour – if such thing is possible. It’s hard to assess influences on work especially if working with abstracted images. I used a lot of bright Moroccan dried pigments to make paintings which are now slowly filtering back into the work I am making….images […]