Final Prison Visit

Our last workshop today with prisoners in HMP Dartmoor.

Here’s a taste of prints they made :

DSCF3580 DSCF3581 DSCF3582

Quite an eclectic collection of prints. I worked on the project with Double Elephant Outreach Coordinator Suzanne Ross – it was fun – with lots of back chat and banter with the prisoners. Several of the men had served long prison terms and I think were starved of outside contact, inspiration and especially of the possibility of creativity. I hope we get the chance to go back inside again.

The Devon Guild have said about the project  : “We have chosen to work with diverse groups of both marginalised and mainstream participants, as a key aim of the project is to illustrate the immeasurable value of making – thus acquiring a working knowledge of materials and the ability to engage with creativity, either as a solitary or a social activity, regardless of age, ability or circumstance.”