Here in Austin

Day one of my work here in Austin and a morning at Hope Lutheran Church for an inroduction to printmaking with adults experiencing early memory loss. Their day starts with physical exercises, memory games, current affairs and then we did an art input. Afterwards they went on to lunch folowed by a discussion about the problems and issues they experience and face. Fantastic provision. I was working with Theresa and Emma from the Mobile Art programme – and the welcome was – as appears to be typically Texan, very warm, enthusiastic and generous. It’s always difficult to start a project with  materials, and a press that are new to you and so we struggled a bit, monoprinting leaves and cut shapes. However, everyone was able to make a piece of work and everyone enjoyed it I think. Just the novelty of a visitor from England and the pleasure in the social exchanges was enjoyable.

14 HopeL copy

I then went on to Flatbed Press to meet with Director Katherine Brimberry and her team of Master Printers Tracy Mayrello, Veronica Ceci and Cordelia Blanchard. Again a very warm welcome and the chance to look around the print shop. Clearly, very busy, they were working on a number of artists’ editions and are much in demand. I was able to show examples of my work, talk about Double Elephant and the Austin mental health project with Mobile Art.

I think the first hurdle I’ll face is the language of printmaking – talking about techniques and approaches appears to be quite different. Of course, we understand the basics – intaglio, monoprint etc but the nuances of method and ways of experimenting seem to be different. Of course – the printers there know much more than me and that’s why I’m there – to learn and make new work. My work, I think was greeted with excitement around my painterly approach and interest in a rich surface.