HMP Dartmoor


Started a 6 week printing course with the over 50’s in HMP Dartmoor this week. It’s a Devon Guild of Craftsmen / Big hand Little Hand  Project

Entitled “Freehand” -it will be delivered between March 2014 and April 2015. Freehand will result in an exhibition of mixed media craft and design, made by individuals who would not normally be represented in a public gallery. The work on show, made through a series of artist-maker led workshops, will include printmaking, metalwork, ceramics, photography, text-based work, sculpture, textiles and installations. The exhibition will run for six weeks in the Jubilee Gallery at Devon Guild from 23 May – 5 July,  2015. The project will comprise a programme of participatory craft workshops for partners including HMP Dartmoor, Devon care homes, children and young people from both mainstream and special schools, young carers in East Devon and refugees who use the Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support facility in Plymouth as well as other community groups