New work in response to art making alongside dementia patients

At last today a resumption of my work in response to the printmaking sessions run at Franklyn Hospital over 12 months ago. I hope to return to Franklyn soon as I find the art making alongside dementia sufferers so rewarding – and so beneficial for the participants themselves.  I want to find a way to articulate the disease and how it manifests through visual means – to make my work in some way reflect the illness.

green  purple

I’m interested in the way that the spiral represents perhaps years of growth in a tree, ripples in a pond, a maze, a brain. I wanted the work to be as minimal as I could make it and really allow the sparcity of the marks and the colour to do the work in each piece – so that they take on a still, meditative quality. Perhaps the white spots are moments of clarity within a disrupted pattern….clearly, they are abstracted and not intended to be literal.