Progress meeting

Met today at Spike Print in Bristol for an update with the ‘Redefining Print’ artists :- Mark Leahy –,  Clare Thornton – and  katy Connor –

Bryony Gillard  – wasn’t able to make it – but good for her, she was successful in her interview to curate an event at Tate St Ives.

Carolyn Black  – also joined us as writer for the project together with Catherine Cartwright from DEPW who will be blogging about us as we go along

photo 1

Mark was able to show a few images of work he’s been doing at DEPW :

photo 2   photo 3

Mark has been trying to resist the temptation to get caught up in the seductive quality of print. He’s been translating collage into collograph, drypoint and photo etch. Clare has been exploring folded paper and geometric ‘scenes’ in photo etch – commenting on how hard it is to get much done in a short time in the print workshop. Katy is laser etching into aluminium and acrylic. Bryony is exploring eurythmy – she writes : I have made several research visits to Steiner House in London and have been meeting with Eurythmists in both London and Bristol. I attended a very interesting Rhythm and Tone workshop in which we explored how to respond with our bodies to pitch and rhythm. There is a whole eurythmy movement scale to accompany the musical scale – which is fascinating. The type of eurythmy I am most interested in however, is Speech Eurythmy – in which language – sounds, letters, etc have specific choreographed movements – so that text becomes embodied by the dancers. I think this is particularly interesting for me because an idea of translating text – through other mediums – and I am excited about how this might apply to translating text through print – and maybe trying to find a way of connecting the text, movement and printed object.   Clare Thornton is currently working with The University of Bristol Theatre Collection on a project called “Corresponding with Conflict’. Opens 31 July at 5.30pm. Clare has worked with Spike Print to make a screen printed poster to launch the project  which explores the Theatre Collection archive in response to WW1

photo 4

For those of you who don’t know about this DEPW, ACE funded project here is a copy of the call to artists giving a synopsis of our intentions : Redefining Print