Redefining Print

Redefining Print – And they’re off!

Redefining Print is the name for Double Elephant’s new 2 year project, which will examine and explore the nature of printmaking today. We LOVE printmaking and we want it to be used and explored by all artists, not just those who are trained and practiced in printmaking. Printmaking has huge life and character and we know there’s massive potential for how printmaking is perceived and utilised. It’s common that those artists who go to art school, learn something of printmaking there. It’s also common that after art school, without the access to the presses and other equipment, that printmaking fails to remain a viable part of their artist’s practice. Without access to technical support and equipment, it is difficult for contemporary artists to have printmaking as a potential resource for exploration. Contemporary artists ask questions about the world we live in. They do this through the work they make, both the way they make it (known as ‘process’) and what they make (the ‘output’). Both the process and the output have boundless, limitless possibilities.So, to explore how we could redefine print, Double Elephant will collaborate with contemporary artists to explore what they think about printmaking, and all of its characteristics including, the community, the customs, the sensory environment (smells, touch etc.)

And.. Ta Da! Our commissioned artists are: Mark Leahy, Bryony Gillard, Clare Thornton and Katy Connor. (Welcome! We can’t wait to meet you!) Alongside these 4 artists we have commissioned a writer, Carolyn Black and a film from artist Volkhardt Mueller.

These six artists are the foundations. Their close questioning and exploration will lead the way. Come and join the journey.

Carolyn Black:
Bryony Gillard

Mark Leahy

Clare Thornton

Katy Connor

Volkhardt Mueller